Private Midwifery Care and Couple Counseling in Tampere

KoliikkivauvaPlanning your pregnancy, growing a child beneath your heart, giving birth and caring for your new baby is the most significant yet demanding experience in your life as a woman. It is not at all uncommon to have doubts and fears when in transition to become a mother, whether it is your first time or you have seen it all before.

Choosing where to have your maternity care is one of the most important and personal decisions you’ll make during your pregnancy. You want an environment that is supportive with professional knowledge. You want a nurturing setting and the peace of mind that your provider is on your side. You want to feel cared for and confident as you begin a new life with your little one.

Professional support and care during your pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Vauvantai offers antenatal education and breastfeeding advice in TAMPERE city region. My office is located in the city centre, and you will get directions via email when you book the appointment.

All advice is offered respecting your cultural background and individual needs. Your own personal midwife will accompany you and your partner in all areas of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. You will be gently guided through the first steps of early parenting skills.

Relationship Advice

I am a certified Solmu®- couple counsellor (Solmu means ”a knot”). The Solmu-process consists of 8 meetings (90-120min), during which you recognize and open the knots in the relationship with my help. We use a  wide variety of different techniques to find the true source of your problems, and handle them with compassion and care. Please ask for a free consultation, wether this technique would assist you and your partner!

More info on prices and detailed information of all services via email or by phone, +358 45 257 90 77.

You can also contact me via contact form.

Silja Seppänen (Registered Nurse-Midwife, Breadtfeeding Counsellor, Student Reflexologist)
Tel. 045 257 9077